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State Council's decision - dated 13/06/2002

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No. F. 17/11/2002/AR/10622-10972 



1. The State Council for Right to Information met on 6/5/2002 with Chief Minister as the Chairperson.The council reviewed the existing arrangements made for the implementation of the Right to Information Act and Rules framed thereunder.

2. The following decisions were taken: - 

i) Toning up of the Administrative Machinery : - All the departments should take appropriate measures and create necessary infrastructure and facilities for the implementation of the Act by 30th June, 2002. 

ii) Association of NGOs & RWAs : - Copies of the booklets on Delhi Right to Information Act and other material published in this regard should be distributed to the NGOs and RWAs Programme. 

iii) Display of Hoardings: - All the pubic dealing departments should display hoardings at conspicuous places in their departments as well as field units. 

iv) Publication : - Pamphlets/hand bills indicating the process and procedures should be prepared in simple and lucid language in the form of Flow Charts.These should be made available through all public-dealing departments like MCD ZONAL Offices, Divisional Commissioner Offices, District Offices of various departments and other field units, along with application forms. 

v) Information through Website : - All the departments should open an e-mail account in the name of the Competent Authority and establish the website by 10th July, 2002 positively.This will be the personal responsibility of the HOD and the Competent Authority.Details about the department, its functions, its location, organizational chart with names, phone numbers of officers must be given.As a first step every departmental website should contain an updated list of schemes implemented by the departments and budgeted outlays scheme-wise and number of beneficiaries of various schemes, projects, facilities, services, who have been benefited in a given time frame (e.g. information for last 2 years). A set of model questions could be suggested so that the public is guided easily about what kind of information can be accessed. Such information would give a focus to those who wish to ask for more details. 

vi)Multiple Information : - Applications seeking multipleinformation about individual cases through a single form should be avoided and such applications should be treated distinct for the purpose of fee. 

vii) Time Period for Records : - The information should normally be given as per availability of records, which is to be maintained in accordance with the periodicity fixed under the provisions of Manual of Office Procedures and Record Retention Schedule.However, updation of the website would be the responsibility of the Competent Authority. 

viii) Personalised Information : - Applicants seeking information about other individuals should be dealt with as per provisions of Section-6 of the Act. 

ix) Training/Workshops : - Workshops/training programmes should be organized for the officers and staff to sensitize them about the need to implement the Act with due earnestness.As failure to provide information is punishable under the Act. 

3.The Members of the State Council would be visiting the offices of the Competent Authorities after 1st July, 2002 to get first hand knowledge about their working and to review the position.Necessary cooperation should be extended to them so they can discharge their duties efficiently. 

4.In this regard, your specific attention is also drawn to the following provisions of the Act/Rules for prompt action: - 

Provisions in the Rule Section of the Act Clause of the Rules
Section 4 (b) of the Act and Rule 7 Suo-Moto Publication of Information by Public Authorities
Section 4 (e) of the Act Information about projects launched by the department
Section 8 of the Act Cataloguing and Indexing of records

5. All these issues need concerted efforts on the part of the Head of Departments and Competent Authorities to provide necessary information and to create requisite infrastructure to implement the Act. All the formalities must be completed by 30.06.2002 i.e. prior to the visit by State Council members. 

6. It has also been reported that some of the Competent Authorities are reluctant to accept application forms or are trying to put off their requests on flimsy grounds, which is a matter of concern. Any complaint in this regard will be viewed seriously and disciplinary action will be initiated against the Competent Authority as furnishing the information is a legal right and is enforceable. 

7. A compliance report in this regard may please be sent as per enclosed proforma by 30.06.2002 to Administrative Reforms Department.



1. All Pr. Secretaries/Secretaries/HODs 
2. Heads of all Autonomous Bodies/Undertakings/Local Bodies 
3. All Competent Authorities though HODs.