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The Chief Secretary, Smt. Shailaja Chandra in her inaugural address stressed the need for implementing the provisions of Delhi Right to Information Act. She expressed her confidence that more and more transparency will be brought by providing maximum information suo-motu. She was concerned with the non-implementation of the penalty provision due to some administrative problems. However, she felt that this Act should not become a tool to demoralize the officers through victimization. The genuine problems in imparting information will have to be kept in view.

Mr. Maurice Dewulf, SDRR, UNDP stressed the universal need for bringing transparency in all spheres of government working. He appreciated the steps being taken by the Government of Delhi in implementing the Delhi Right to Information Act and desired that more and more information should be made available to the citizens as a matter of right. He also narrated some experiences of Rajasthan Government to bring home the point that this instrument is quite powerful in making the government more responsive and accountale.

Shri P.S. Bhatnagar, Chairman, PGC in his keynote address emphasized the need for proper adjudication of applications received under the Act so that citizens have not to resort to appeals. He felt that the number of appeals were on the high side because of frivolous rejection of such applications by the Competent Authority. He emphasized that Competent Authorities must adjudicate upon these applications themselves and provide maximum information. He also stressed the need for implementing the penalty provisions to bring confidence amongst the masses.