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Annual Inspections - dated 09/05/2002

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Government of National Capital
Territory of Delhi 
Administrative Reforms Department

7th Level, C-Wing 
Delhi Secretariat,

I. P. Estate, New Delhi
No. F.4/17/02/AR/ 
Dated: 09/05/2002

1. All Pr. Secretaries/Secretaries/Heads of Department.
Govt. of NCT of Delhi/New Delhi.

2. All Chairman/Managing Directors of Local Bodies/
Autonomous Bodies/Undertakings,
Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Subject : Annual Inspection for the year 2001-02.


As you are aware, Chapter XV of the Manual of Office Procedure stipulates that each section in an office should be inspected once in a year.

2. A programme for this purpose has to be chalked out by the respective Departments to get the required inspections conducted. The inspection should be conducted by an officer/Supdt. other than the Branch officer concerned. Secretariat Departments should also draw up a similar programme for their branches.

3. The inspection is to be carried out by using the following three sets of proformae:-

i) Appendix 52-Inspection for Central Receipt and issue Section (Yellow).
ii) Appendix 53-Inspection for sections other than Central Receipt and Issue section (White).
iii) Appendix 54- Inspection for Departmental Record Rooms (Green).
Requisite number of copies of the proformae may be collected from A.R. Department for use.
In the Sectt. most of the Department have set up their Record Rooms and inspection of these Record rooms should be done as per Appendix 54.

4. The past experience shows that the inspections are carried out in a superficial manner. In order to avoid such an eventuality guidelines of expected replies have been provided in the questionnaire. The Inspecting Officer should, however, consult the Manual of Office Procedure to acquaint themselves with its provisions. It may be noted that this inspection is to be conducted to improve the system and not finding faults alone.

5. Part -I of the proformae will be filled up by the section Incharge of the section to be inspected within 5 days and sent to the officer/ Supdt. deputed for conducting inspection as per programme chalked out by the Department.

6. The inspection should be completed by 15.6.2002. The Inspecting officer will have to ensure that the inspection is conducted within the period stipulated and a copy of inspection report is sent to the concerned branch officer and its Head quarter. The inspection report will inter-alia include a separate note on the following points:

i. Deficiencies noticed in the existing procedure.
ii. Suggestions for improvement of procedures.
iii. Any other point of general application emerging from the inspections.

7. A compliance report for removal of defects and deficiencies pointed out in the inspection report should be submitted by the concerned branch officer to the concerned Secretary/HOD within a month of the date of inspection. 

8. A test check of inspections carried out by the departments will also be carried out by the study teams of A.R. Department with a view to see that the inspections have been done in the desired manner. 

9. A consolidated report in respect of the department should be sent to the A.R. Department by 10.8.2002 indicating the position of the inspection, with a certificate to the effect that necessary action to rectify the defects and deficiencies pointed out in the inspection reports have been taken.

Yours faithfully,