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Status of Delhi Right to Information Act 2001 Application Received and Disposed off Upto September, 2007 

Number of Applications Information
  Received Disposed Off Given Not Given
Total 11557 11036 10067 969


With a view to bring in a culture of openness and transparency, the Government of Delhi has enacted the Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001. The Act has come into force w.e.f. 2nd October, 2001. It would help the citizens in getting the required information as a matter of right barring certain areas as specified in Section 6 of the Act. 

  1. Any person seeking information under the Act can file an application in Form-A to the competent authority. Forms are available free of cost with the Competent Authority of all departments.
  2. A nominal application fee of Rs. 25/- per application will be charged for supply of information. In addition, a sum of Rs. 5/- per page will be charged for supply of information. For inspection of documents, in addition to the application fee, fee will be charged @ fifteen rupees per 15 minutes (or fraction thereof). The fee can be paid in the form of Bank Draft/Postal Order payable to "Government of NCT of Delhi" or in Cash.
  3. The Government will make its endeavor to provide the information in 15 days subject to a maximum of 30 days.
  4. In case a person fails to get a response from the competent authority within 30 days of the submission of Form-A or is aggrieved by the response received within the prescribed period he may file an appeal to the Public Grievance Commission.
  5. In case appeal is allowed, the information shall be supplied to the applicant by the competent authority within such period as ordered by the appellate authority. This period shall not exceed 30 days from the date of receipt of the order.
  6. Whosoever being bound to supply the information fails to furnish the information asked for under the Act within the time specified or fails to communicate the rejection order shall be liable to pay a penalty of Rs 50/- per day for delayed period beyond the 30 days subject to a maximum of Rs. 500/- per application.
  7. In case the information supplied is found to be false in any material particular and which the person bound to supply it knows or has reasonable cause to believe it to be false or does not believe it to be true, the person supplying the information shall be liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 1000/- per application.
  8. The citizens desirous of getting information may contact the Competent Authority of the Department concerned to facilitate the process of getting information. It is hoped that this effort will go a long way in getting the desired information.